When Denise represented me for my divorce, it was at a time when Texas courts did not look favorably upon the father. Denise recognized that I would provide a positive influence in their lives and fought for my rights as a father. With her help, I got custody of my children. My ex-wife never seemed to put forth any effort to see her children. I was frustrated and was about to stop trying. Denise reminded me of the importance of the kids being able to see both of their parents and suggested that I look past my own disagreements with my ex for the sake of my children.


First, she was my momís attorney when I was 5 years old. Then, when both my parents died, the Court made her my attorney 10 years later.† I was a mess. Now, Iíve graduated high school as a Texas Scholar. I have a job. And Iím pursuing further education. Deniseís influence and dedication made all the difference.


Dear Denise:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through one of the most difficult challenges of my life and helping me realize the dream of being a positive influence in my daughterís life.

I am proud to report that my daughter and I are closer and more loving to each other than perhaps any other time of our lives together.  I believe this divorce is something that she is going to positively overcome without serious consequence.† For all of this I am eternally grateful, you undoubtedly don't know how positively you have affected my life.

Once again my heartfelt thanks, and best wishes for a fulfilling future.

Philip R.


Iíve never worked with a lawyer who prays before every case. Not to win, but for Godís will to be done.

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